Phew, that was some tweet

At 6:25 AM PST, Los Angeles had a very minor earthquake. Never one to miss an opportunity to be totally obvious and boring, Ellen Page took to the airwaves-

479 retweets (and 1,083 favorites!) for a one-word tweet that tells us something we all already knew. Let that sink in.

This just opens the floodgates to any number of very obvious things Ellen could tell us.

Ehhh, it’s a living.

The story is as follows: during the boring Super Bowl there was a commercial for Coca-Cola. In this commercial there were various people and families singing “America the Beautiful.” That sounds lovely, so what’s the problem? Well, some of the people in the commercial were singing in a language other than English. You know what came next. At this point legions of xenophobic whackjobs took to Twitter to express their jingoistic racism in (hilariously mangled) English. The irony of whiny losers complaining that English isn’t being spoken —while failing to properly communicate in English– was certainly lost on many.

Which brings us to @hskinner here, and her hard-working Grandpa. Best Typo Ever. The poor narrow-minded dear. All she ever wanted to do was express her contempt for other people and their filthy foreign languages, and now she’s gone viral thanks to an inability to spellcheck.

Let’s hear what the Twitter’s biggest troll has to say-