Some People Have No Bottom Floor

Here’s an idea, RushBo: try actually watching a movie before you decide that it only won an Oscar because all the wicked liberals in Hollyweird voted for it out of White Guilt. Just try that for starters. See how that goes.

Gosh, it seems like it was only last year that Argo won, and some people complained that it was only because all the old white conservatives in the Academy liked a movie that made Iranians look foolish. I guess all those old white conservatives had an epiphany in the time since the last Oscars, and collectively decided to reward a slavery movie?

Yeah, that’s logical.

The Onion isn’t serious

What do you all think? Too far? Not far enough? Or don’t give a shit?
I will say that one thing that really irritated me about the buzzfeed article was this:

Are we actually at a point where you have to issue a warning to grown people that they’re about to see a cuss word?
Meanwhile, everyone in the UK is scratching their heads and saying “what, they paid her a compliment! You yanks are crazy!”

Luckily we have this asshole to chime in, and make us all feel better about ourselves.