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What are you doing Friday? Say, 8:00? If you said, “Having fun,” you were wrong.

Instead, I’d like to suggest you give this a try:

Rob Paulsen and I will be at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Theatre on February 8th, reading some of my favorite hate mail. We’ll be performing your flounces and angry Tweets and bad book reviews in a variety of cartoon voices. If you live in Los Angeles and want to come see whatever the hell this is, click here for tickets and show information.


Our friends at UStream are going to broadcast this LIVE, so you can see it wherever you are. You can chat, you can complain, you can heckle us, and you can submit questions for the Q & A part of the show. And if you can’t watch it live, you can download the event from Ustream later, when you’ve sobered up.

Click here to sign up for the live broadcast on UStream

Like all marginal entertainment, HATE MAIL isn’t free. But it’s only $4.99, and a portion of that will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Hope you can make it!