There are bad ideas…

…and then there are BAD ideas. Casting Mike Tyson on a show about sex crimes, that’s a really bad idea. The man is a convicted rapist. Even if you think he’s innocent, Mike Tyson was convicted of rape. Even if you think he was totally railroaded, I don’t think he should be a on a show about the horrors of sex crimes.

I certainly don’t think our justice system is perfect. Not by any means. Just the other day I made fun of Casey Anthony, and a case where I think the courts got it wrong, so I’m not about to pretend the justice system is infallible.
But come on. Mike Tyson? Why not just go all in and get Roman Polanski on on
e of these episodes?

Also, “I didn’t rape nobody” might be the most unfortunate use of a double negative that I’ve ever seen.