WINNING at Subliminal Advertising

I see nuts. I see creamy swirls. I see perspiration. I see handsome red and white stripes. I see a general air of joie de vivre. You can’t fool me, you Aussie bastards. I know what you’re up to.

And don’t forget about this! Less than two days remaining and he’s almost reached his goal. You could do a lot worse than to donate to Marko’s AIDS ride. And no, feeding your families is not an acceptable excuse.

WINNING at Translation

Trust me, it’s never too early to pique your son’s interested in ladies underwear. For a variety of reasons. For example, I hear they come in handy at Burning Man. Yes, that’s what I heard.

And speaking of men who dress in ladies underwear, I have a special request to make: my dear friend Marko is riding in one of those crazy AIDS rides this weekend. He’s done a fantastic job of raising money, and he’s almost reached his goal amount. If anyone wanted to stop over at his page and make a contribution (any amount helps), well, you’d have my respect. I don’t ask you guys for jackshit, would it kill you to do the right thing just this once?
K thanks.