Few things boil my blood more than terrible parking. Terrible, incredibly selfish parking, I might add. I saw this one yesterday while I was out walking with my lady. This guy deserves some kind of Asshole of the Year Award.

From the reverse angle you can clearly see that, yes, he actually took up FOUR parking spaces. And they were all marked “Compact.” You can’t park any worse than that.

I see no reason to pixelate the license plate. Fuck that guy.

Time for a new punchline

Of course He didn’t say Adam and Steve. How many Steves are in the Bible? 2,000 years ago there weren’t a whole lot of Steves. That’s just common sense. A better comparison would be something like “Adam and Ephraim” or “Adam and Ezekiel.”

The Bible doesn’t mention “Adam and Trevor” or “Adam and LaMarcus,” either. All that tells me is that the Good Book needs to get updated with some cooler names.