On Saturday, when I told you I’d be filling in for Bronc this week, I asked you to tell me what kinds of things you’d like me to post.

Because I am nothing if not responsive, here’s some salmon hentai I found on LiveJournal a few years ago.

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Yes, sexually explicit Japanese fish fucking comics.

Not “fish-fucking,” like you’re having sex with fish. “Fish-fucking” like, the fish are fucking. You’re just watching. Isn’t it always the way?

This is the kind of thing that makes me tired and quiet. Who the hell faps to fish porn? Who closes their eyes and pictures this? Bears?

It’s a puzzler, but I’ve I’ve come up with two theories on how something like this happens:

1. Immediate, online stimulation is making us jaded. We have to keep lowering the bar to be shocked, or to feel anything at all. Some of you may remember when shitting in someone’s mouth was not something you’d put on a cake.

2. On the other hand, salmon fucking fans may have been around for years; alone, isolated, afraid to come out of their shells. Only on the net have they been able to find each other and flourish.

Either way, we’ve been schooled.


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