Memorial Day posts

In honor of Memorial Day here in the United States, we dedicated all of our posts on 5/28/12 to highlighting various servicemember WINNING.

Let me be perfectly clear; this is not a political statement or message about the current wars, or war in general.

Regardless of how you feel about the current wars, the one thing most people agree on is supporting the men & women that devote themselves (and give their lives) to protecting our freedom & way of life.

There is a very distinct difference between cheering for war and supporting those who have volunteered to protect their country. The men & women we salute today perform their duties as they are ordered; and do so with honor, integrity and pride.They are not the ones making the political decisions. I have little doubt that they would all rather be home with their families celebrating Memorial Day like the rest of us.

To the troops who serve or have served in our Armed Forces and to their families who sacrifice while they serve, you have our very sincere & heartfelt thank you.

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