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    • This is another attempt by the liberal media to influence opinion by distorting the facts to fit their narratives. First, the panel wasn’t a panel about CONTRACEPTION. It was a panel with religious leaders questioning and reviewing the legality and constitutionality of Obama’s mandate that all insurance companies offer contraception. Again, it was about the constitutionality of the mandate not contraception in and of itself. Furthermore, it was a two part panel, and the second part of the panel had two women on it. Wanting to cause a stir, a number of liberal women requested to be on that panel the day of the hearing, and staged a unified and disruptive walk out to get media attention. If you guys are dumb enough to believe the BS the media feeds you without doing your own due diligence, I really hope you’re dumb enough to forget when the election is.

      • These would be the same strict Constitutionalists who don’t believe the 14th Amendment applies to gays, right?
        Everyone’s in love with the Constitution until they find something in it they don’t like; then they turn into mind-readers. “Oh, the Founding Fathers didn’t mean it like that! They’d never approve of such a thing! They were all religious conservatives!”

  1. “This isn’t something you need to worry your pretty little heads about. We’ll let you know what we decide. Oh, and while you’re up, could you go into the kitchen and fix us some snacks? This session is going to take a while.”

  2. If you’re guna think that it’s right to let a woman suffer rather than take the pill, and it’s wrong to terminate a cluster of cells rather than allow the mother to potentially die from complications, then my question has to be: why stop there?

    If you’re a big powerful panel, why not also decide that the moon is made of lemonade and the Devil invented the tugboat? Let’s have some fun with all this batshit crazy…

  3. Um. You’ve been punk’d WAE. You may be repeating what you’ve read, but this panel was NOT about contraception. Nobody. . .NOBODY is outlawing contraception. No such thing as a Congressional Contraception Panel.

    Outright lies just aren’t funny. For something to be funny, there has to be some truth in it. The Left just isn’t even trying anymore. You’re plainly lazy… and who cares, really, as long as it keeps us farther apart from real understanding of the issues?

    So you divide, distort, abuse and report. It goes around the world and when it comes back, it’s accepted as Gospel. Facts are way too inconvenient. Closed minds in a closed loop.

    Some kinda crazy religion ya got here. It’s a wonder you’re not worshiping fire.

    You must be so proud.

      • Joan is right, you have your facts wrong and you should probably fact check before you post your crazy liberal bullshit. For all you who actually believe this, you are mindless morons and truly what is wrong with the world. No one is trying to ban contraception, this is NOT what this meeting was about. That is why when those bat shit crazy, liberal, moronic democrate female idiots (who makes our gender look so stupid) demanded to talk about contraception were looked at like bat shit crazy ass stupid women because that WAS NOT WHAT THE MEETING WAS ABOUT. NO ONE ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME IS TRYING TO BAN CONTRACEPTION. Only your crazy liberal president is trying to shove things down people’s throat they don’t want (ie. force Catholic medical centers to proved contraception) their medical center, their choice, you don’t like it go down to the Baptist or atheists medical center, it’s your choice (for now, Obama is working on taking that away). You people are seriously so stupid you make my head hurt.

        • I chuckled my way about 2 thirds through this before I realised it wasn’t parody…

          The joke’s on me now.

          ‘NO ONE ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME IS TRYING TO BAN CONTRACEPTION’… except for, like, The Pope… he is. He loves banning good ideas…

        • notsofast, your name should really be “not that quick, or maybe “slow on the uptake,” because it seems you’re not getting it.

          Nobody said the meeting was to ban contraception. And since that seems to be the root of your little rant that’s laced with all sorts of delightful little misspellings and such, the rest of what you had to say is essentially void.

          And, although I tend to swing a bit more to the right, I will say this. If you’re an American, Obama is not just our President, he’s your President too. And you can disagree with him and his policies all day long (I’m not a big fan, myself), but he IS our leader, and as such, he deserves a certain measure of respect. Grudging or not, he deserves that respect, even if it’s just as a human being. If nothing else, you should acknowledge him for what he is.

      • Especially the part where you start your comments with “Um.”

        Sorry. I use small words and sounds when I’m teaching young children. You can understand how one can have trouble telling the difference around here.

        Moreover, I use my people skills, for people, not mind-numbed robots.

        • Aw, you poor widdle BABY! Did the Broncy Woncy hurt your widdle feewings? Awwww…. That’s no reason to call him a robot though dear, that’s really not very nice. Now you be a good girl and go play somewhere else on the internet, okay? This is where the big kids go!

        • “Sorry. I use small words and sounds when I’m teaching young children”

          You forgot to add “to hate everyone who is different and to obey their husbands unquestioningly.” to the end. Fixed that for ya.

        • “to hate everyone who is different and to obey their husbands unquestioningly.”

          Wow. That’s all you have for debating the facts about the controversy? You can’t do it. You don’t have facts.

          Don’t blame me for trying to disabuse a few folks of their ignorance, or at least provoke them to a bit more curiosity than that exhibited by the media.

          Just be curious about the information you parrot. The stupid GOP field is at least having the positive benefit of getting people on the Right curious enough to find out for themselves what each candidate has really said and, more importantly, done. Not a single, mind-numbed person here has done that with this presumed “truth” lampooned in the poster. It’s not funny if it’s based on a lie. That was, and is, my point.

        • “Wow. That’s all you have for debating the facts about the controversy? You can’t do it. You don’t have facts.”

          Joan, what ARE the facts then? Citations, please.

    • You’re right. This is the hearing about allowing any employer to deny their employees health care coverage if they have a moral objection to it. Women are obviously not qualified to testify about the intersection of religious freedom and health care.

      God help you if this passes and you ever need surgery while working for a Jehovah’s Witness. You won’t be allowed any blood transfusions on moral ground. And if you work for a Christian who practices the Quiverful lifestyle, you won’t be allowed any procedure that could impede the birth of many many children in your life. But that’s ok. At least your wealthy religious employer who can pay out of pocket for any procedure he ever needs will be covered for any medical emergencies.

    • Our fire, thou art so burny
      Flaming be thy name
      Thy burning come
      Crispy when done
      Your amp doth go to eleven

      And give us this day our daily scalding
      And forgive us our pyromania
      As we forgive those who light our shit on fire

  4. Your last two comments only prove that you know you are wrong and that this is the only thing you can do to make yourself feel better. I am surprised you didn’t take the time to point out my grammatical and spelling errors. Here I will help you with one *provide. Go ahead, I know you will have fun picking it apart instead of admitting your post is incorrect.

  5. gonzo, I don’t guess you will have that problem unless you convert to Catholicism. Everyone knows the Catholics are crazy, but again, it is their choice and it should be their choice. No one is trying to cram any laws down anyones throat to ban contraceptions. That is why this post is so stupid, because it shows how easily this mindless nation is duped. We should be concerned instead that Obama is trying to force the Catholic church too provide contraception, he is taking “choice” away. Which is mind blowing because isn’t that what these feminist are all about?? “Choice”??

    • Why don’t you click reply if you’re replyin to me, save yourself a bunch of keystrokes? Like, 5 for my name alone.

      The Catholics are not crazy, their ruling hierarchy is. And so are you, from the sounds of it.

      Look, I’m not that well-versed in your wasteful and corporate-bloated health system, but from what I understand Obama is bending over backwards to stretch the rules to allow Catholic orgs. to not have to compromise their *ahem* moral standpoint, whilst still getting potentially life-saving treatment for female employees via insurance companies.

      But I guess actually what he’s doing is coming up with an evil plot to ROB AMERICA OF ITS FREEDOM!!1!!11!

      • Wow gonzo, once again you have proven how you believe anything the liberals throw at you. gonzo, did you know that only 3% of abortions are from rape, incest and medical reasons? Only 1% is for the medical reasons the other 2% belong to rape and incest. I am assuming, gonzo, that abortion is what you are referring to when you speak of “life saving measures”. See you crazy liberals want us to think all these poor women are being raped in a dark alley, or dying on a hospital bed as their unborn child sucks them of life. Sadly, the truth is that abortion is primarily used as a form of birth control. Also please go back in history, before roe vs wade, and find me one woman they let die instead of ending the pregnancy which was causing her demise. You won’t find it, it’s a matter of life and death, which is very rare I might add, and they did what they could to save the mother and baby even if it meant the baby may not survive. You see, gonzo, you may have no issue stopping a beating heart (research when a heart begins beating in the unborn child) but a doctor may. Some doctors simply can’t rip a child limb from limb because the mother forgot to use protection, or simply doesn’t care. If you want to murder your unborn child planned parenthood will take care of it for you, you don’t have to force your catholic doctor to do it. There are plenty of scumbags who would be happy to remove your “mistake” and they will even do it in a dark alley with a hanger if necessary.

        • White noise.

          I was referring to the therapeutic use of the contraceptive pill, but don’t let that get in the way of a good rant!

          Incidentally, your American system of ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ bears no relevance to me whatsoever.

          ‘Liberals’ in your country would largely be considered centrists or slightly right in mine. Your ‘Conservatives’ would be in a village hall ranting in front of a few racists and miscellaneous crazies here…

        • You want an example of a life-saving abortion denied by the Catholic church?

          My partner’s brother’s ex-wife was pregnant with a child who’s skull didn’t form. NO SKULL. The child, though able to live inside the womb, was NEVER GOING TO BE VIABLE THROUGH BIRTH BECAUSE IT HAD NOTHING TO PROTECT IT’S BRAIN, AND WOULD HAVE DIED IMMEDIATELY UPON LEAVING THE WOMB.

          They both WANTED this baby. Badly. BUT IT WOULDN’T HAVE LIVED. No matter how much they prayed, wished, or hoped, YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT A SKULL BECAUSE EVERYTHING WILL COLLAPSE UPON ITSELF.

          Rather than go through an entire pregnancy and suffer the crushing sadness and depression of delivering her child that she wanted so much to death, she had to abort the fetus.

          This woman worked for a Catholic hospital. The Catholic hospital she worked for REFUSED to do the abortion. She had to go somewhere else and pay out of pocket to terminate a doomed pregnancy.

          The HORROR of the entire situation was made worse by her employers, and it completely destroyed that marriage.

          So FUCK YOU and your bullshit statistics.

          Also, you can talk about the decisions someone makes after they were raped when you’ve been raped yourself.

          This coming from someone who HAS been raped and someone who HAD thought she was pregnant after that.

          YOU are ignorant and I wish you could experience for just ONE SECOND the shit I went through. Just one. Then you could talk. Until then, keep your religion out of my cunt.

    • Incorrect. Obama is trying to force all businesses to cover preventative health care for all of their employees. Barring that, he’s allowing religious organizations to opt out of covering objectionable services at the cost of the insurers. If you’re a good enough [insert faith here] to know you should use [insert procedure/health service here], then you’re responsible enough on your own not to use it. No one is forcing [insert faith here] to use [insert procedure health service here] against their will. However, people are trying to stop everyone from having access to certain health services/procedures/preventative medications because their religion tells them it’s wrong.

      Did you know religious groups run non-religious companies? They’re the ones who are being given many options to comply with providing health care to their employees. Not churches. Priests aren’t going to be forced to hand out condoms with the Eucharist at Sunday service.

      • to cover preventative health care

        Preventing. . . what adverse health condition, exactly? Preventing conception? Conception is what properly evolved bodies do when they engage in copulation. It is not a “health care” issue any more than choosing to drink. Both drinking and copulating are quite popular and pleasurable. And one usually leads to the other. We might do well to demand that our employers keep us from drinking so that we don’t blog our every thought and lose our job.

        Evil employers started it.

        • Hmm how about preventing/treating polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, adenomyosis, menstruation-related anemia, dysmenorrhea, acne, and irregular menstrual cycles.

          You know, to name a few.

        • No, it’s not. It’s what the language of that bill will allow. Just because FoxNews tells you it’s just about contraception doesn’t mean that’s what the legal language actually says.

  6. Everyone gets their facts wrong. This wasn’t a panel going against contraceptives, its a panel speaking for religious freedom. They were not speaking against every women having the ability to get birth control, they were speaking out against the presidents attack on religious freedom. It was all about the government forcing private religious organizations to go against their own morals. Most people on that panel agree that women can have the right to get birth control, they just don’t want the government forcing them to be the one to give it to them. What ever happened to the separation of church and state? Is it only a one way road? ( The church can’t control the state but the state can control the church?). This was only a panel speaking about religious freedom, not if women should get birth control. The government cannot force the church to give out birth control.

      • Oh, gosh no! Never! It’s not like they started the Crusades to try and get rid of a rival church! Or moved the Vatican from Italy to France to keep the French under their thumb! Or… never mind, I could be here all day.

        • Oh dear. Now we’re into cherry-picking our history lessons from Hollywood. What next? Oppression of “little people” by the unfairly tall?

          They started it.

        • Sweety, I’m cherry picking my history lesson out of actual history books, which I read for fun. If you actually picked one up you would know I’m right, and that the Catholic Church for many, many centuries has been more of a political body than a religious order.

      • So true, the Church never tries to influence political opinion.

        So, now you change the subject to the Church, since you cannot support your specious sense of the events you are lampooning. It’s a lame debating tactic that any high school debate judge would subtract points for (and let absolutely everyone see his comments.)

        You and I both know that you are not about to do the hard and tedious work of finding the truth. It’s easier to throw darts as you please. Fair enough, as it’s your blog. And yes, I sure told you.

      • And the constitutionality of that federal mandate is what was being debated. Can one person force another person to pay for their life choices, against their own conscience, much less against their own budget?

        If you agree that we must, please provide your name and address so the rest of us can call on you for our fair share.

        • How can we be enlightened by your teachings if you aren’t citing your references?

          By the way, darlin’:

          “Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.” (I Timothy 2:11-14)

    • Hey, any time the Church wants to stop receiving MY taxpayer dollars will be fine with me. In the mean time, any health insurance program that wants to pick and choose what they will cover and what they won’t should be subject to some gorram standards.

      • any health insurance program that wants to pick and choose what they will cover and what they won’t should be subject to some gorram standards.

        “Programs” are so much easier to condemn than the people who created and managed them, I know. But then, people who would create an insurance pool and sell you the option to participate in the shared rewards and risks of such an association (hint: your policy) actually have to be licensed, unlike our senators and concresscreatures who mortgaged our future by dabbling in real estate without a license.

        Don’t even get me started on having to teach Insurance 101 to people who expect everything to be free as long as they don’t have to be the one holding the gun to my head while they demand I pay for it. Choices for thee and none for me.

        Next year, I won’t even have that choice. Millions of underemployed poor will be fined for not having health insurance. Your next logical reply is now forced to be: insurance should be free, anyway.

        And right there is where we leave the world of shared risk and responsibility that is Insurance, and enter the world that is careless passivism: Socialism.

        I swear, fish don’t know they’re wet.

      • A President may want to do things, but he doesn’t have the Constitutional right to do them. You’d better thank whatever flaming god you worship that some douch-bag Christers made sure Santorum can’t do as he pleases.

        But then, unlike Obama, the Right doesn’t rule by fiat.

        n.b.: “fiat” is not just a cheap Italian car. It’s a cheap way that cowards rule the sheep. The Left is begging Obama to make everything okay so they don’t have to do the hard work of democracy. “Just rule us, Obama! We trust you!”


  7. Hidden due to low comment rating.

    Badge of Honor! *curtsey*

    Cite. Cite. Cite. I don’t need to. It’s not my assertion that needs to be defended. Blog poster owns that task, but can’t defend it. It’s not like he hasn’t had time.

      • And may your teeth grow long in your ignorant bliss of waiting because that’s really your heart’s desire: to be unaccountable for your own ignorance because I’m such a tedious bore. If it weren’t for me, you could be having a blissfully ignorant little chuckle.

        I mean, really. All this fuss about a little joke. It’s probably nothing, right?

        • Seriously, if you have an argument I’d like to hear it.

          To really hear it, you’d have to start with a premise that truth is knowable, and once known, cannot be explained away for convenience or championing. And that rule applies to both of us. This ain’t feelings, this is drilling down to reason.

          First: what does the word “mandate” mean, (from the Latin to send as, on an errand or an order.) The word itself implies a Greater in some sort of social context requiring something from a Lesser, to do some service or duty. In a nation of Equals, this is a sticky wicket, but we all from time to time agree to subsume our indifferent will in matters of perceived importance for the productive means to an end. We used to trust each other not to violate that sensible good will as we order each other about.

          So: does the one being “mandated” or ordered, have any right to object to being ordered? The mandate came first, so we need to start there and possibly move back or forward along the thread of logic from that point.

          So, we start here: You are hereby ordered to do something. Everyone thinks you should do it. Everyone tells you how right and moral and good and reasonable it is and calls you all sorts of names because you find it repugnant. You have your own reasons which you aver to be right and moral and good in equal measure. Question: do you have a right to your own conscience as well as your own body? Can the woman who claims “rights” demand them at the expense of another person’s “rights”? Why, or why not?

    • LOL at the down-votes! This is why we can’t have nice things. You don’t know why you believe what you do, but as long as I can be your scape-goat, you will feel cleansed of your ignorance.

      Happy to oblige. Send me out of the camp to complete the ritual cleansing.

      • No, you seem content to sit here and engage us with no ammo. That’s all fine and well. I, for one, am a moderate with conservative leanings. But…I’m also a preacher’s daughter, raised in the Church. I’ve debated theology with the best of them. I can see both sides of almost every argument, including this one.

        But –
        Do not bring my God into your petty little bullshit butthurt unless you’re ready to throw the fuck down.

        • your petty little bullshit

          You value your freedom of conscience so lightly that you throw in with those who would require it of you by force? How will you stand in that day when Christians here suffer as they do in Egypt?

          Right now I do you a favor by saying something disconcerting. You’ll survive my hard words and sarcastic criticism if you have the facts. But what you lightly value now– your blood-bought freedom to think and do as you please– you will sorely miss later.

        • And now we trot out our PK Church creds.

          I’ll see your indignant righteousness and raise it considerably to doing more than just “debating theology.”

          I’ve gone and done and lived His commands in the hell-hole of the inner city– by choice, with my family. Our church had a bouncer. The homeless have slept in my home. I’ve shared meals with them and they shared lice with me. We did this in this country as well as serving extended years in a Socialist one. With my family. Sold out to the edges, while other Christians my age in the U.S. were living it up in their comfy churches, enjoying obscene salaries, growing in debt, building bigger barns, chasing the stock market and thanking God that they weren’t as other men and didn’t have to live in a Third World country. (But they’re about to.)

          I’ve risked traveling illegally in a Communist “island paradise” to bring relief supplies, medicine (for their “model” Socialized health care system that has no medicines in their pharmacies; don’t even ask about their long-term care facilities nightmare. Michael Moore is a LIAR.) and Christian hope to those whose “private conscience” is marginalized as a form of mental retardation or social aberration.

          Are we there yet? Not yet. (But we’re about to be.)

          Tender merciful sweet Lord, but if you don’t fight for Truth, no matter how it hurts, you’ll suffer for ignorance.

          Call my fuckin’ bet or answer His Call, PK.

          But be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only.Go ye into all the world. . .

          You’re still sitting there, aren’t you?

  8. I’m bisexual, and if the church doesn’t let me get my anti-baby pills, I might get pregnant and raise gay babies. I’m pretty sure no one wants that, right?

  9. Your ox has yet to be gored, else you’d engage your mind to just ask “I wonder if that’s true,” and then go to the sources, and question everything and everyone. Question motives. Be skeptical. Being skeptical of me is easy. Trusting yourself is easy.

    Do some hard work, my pretties. Trust your friends and maybe your family, but never a politician. If a power-grab for 1/6th of our economy hasn’t affected your cherished beliefs yet, it will soon. If you don’t defend truth now, you’ll be the next target of the Lie.

    Sleep for now. Not to worry. They’ll eat you last, but eat you all the same.

  10. From Politco, no friend of the Right:

    “Maloney and D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton walked out of the hearing to protest the lack of female witnesses, with Holmes Norton likening the hearing to an “autocratic regime.” However, a second panel of witnesses including two women is scheduled to speak to the committee later Thursday.

    Pelosi later joked that she was more than willing to play the role of teacher to the GOP.

    “What else do you need to know about the subject?” she said. “If you need to know more, tune in. I may, I may at some point be moved to explain biology to my colleagues.”

    Issa’s office later responded to Pelosi.

    “Rep. Pelosi is either ill informed or arrogantly dismissive of women who don’t share her views,” Becca Watkins, a spokeswoman for Issa, said. “Today’s hearing does in fact include two women, Dr. Allison Garrett of Oklahoma Christian University and Dr. Laura Champion of Calvin College Health Services.”

    The whole scene was staged and you know it.

    Please down-rate inconvenient truth.

  11. The CDC’s own report shows that nearly 99% of women of all races and classes already have access to some sort of birth control, including abstinence (Oh noes! The CDC considers abstinence a form of birth control! Sexist pigs!)

    With nearly 100% of human beings in the country already having figured out what causes pregnancy and how it can be avoided, and already practicing it, how and why is this administration forcing me to pay for something everyone has?

    Moreover, over half the women who discontinued a method cited “side effects” as the reason. Except for abstinence. Yes, women’s health is sooo important that we force half of them to suffer the tender mercies of chemical prophylactics. But great medicinal toeholds into the private conscience of others demand great sacrifices from the true believers. You go, girls!

    It’s probably nothing. Unless you want to make a political power grab out of it.

  12. And when I give in and lead you to water, the citation links cause the comment to be moderated. You’ll have to trust me, I guess:

    The CDC’s own report shows that nearly 99% of women of all races and classes already have access to some sort of birth control, including abstinence (Oh noes! The CDC considers abstinence a form of birth control! Sexist pigs!)

    With nearly 100% of human beings in the country already having figured out what causes pregnancy and how it can be avoided, and already practicing it, how and why is this administration forcing me to pay for something everyone has?

    Moreover, over half the women who discontinued a method cited “side effects” as the reason. Except for abstinence. Yes, women’s health is sooo important that we force half of them to suffer the tender mercies of chemical prophylactics. But great medicinal toeholds into the private conscience of others demand great sacrifices from the true believers. You go, girls!

    It’s probably nothing. Unless you want to make a political power grab out of it.

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