14 thoughts on “He's Got You There

        • It would get a little raw, then start weeping serum…It’s all sexy at first til the weeping anus serum starts filling the Mystic Star Chamber with it’s acrid payload of forbidden back-yard bonery.

          Silhouetted atop a distant cliff backed by the moon, an Alpha-Beast throws his massive keel backwards to bray salty ropes of primeval savagery against the pale transgressors…

          Then a stick snaps under the tender human foot of Young Monsanto, as canine snouts vectored towards the pig-pink flesh of the transgressor into this sacred arena, his hairless adolescent body preened for the immaculate CORN sacrifice; it appears that Lance, eldest brother of 6, has become the latest sacrificial meat trove as the mutant daggar-Mouthed KKKarl Rove KompliKatorz, roaming the domos of suburbia looking for any abhorrent fleck of contrast or clarity.

          “YO…YONDER BE A MOLE UPONST HIS LEFT BUTTOCKS…a hole, even…Ye Gods!!!! Pitch the encampment; BEGONE

          i TOOk the full Ambian™ tonite STEPSON and am not quite lucid but I am making sense now sgockdfajk

  1. Allowing gay marriage is a slippery slope. If we allow gays to get married, society will break down, sharia law will be implemented, Christians will be executed and zombies will eat all the white children. I think that’s in the Bible somewhere, buried deep between passages about loving your neighbor and not being an asshole.

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