11 thoughts on “Another Roadside Attraction

    • That’s the same rule at adult sex shops too, as I found out one drunken night in the French Quarter.

      If “Management” frowns upon light saber duels using 24″ double-ended purple jelly-dongs then they should put them out of reach of drunken Bourbon Street patrons.


  1. There’s one more company I’d love to see on this strip mall’s sign:

    There’s a furniture chain down here called “Badcock Furniture”.

    One of the first things I saw when I relocated to Biloxi after being dumped by the first Mrs. Sock was a big delivery truck lumber past me with “Badcock Treats You Right!” emblazoned on the side in immense colorful jumbly font.

    “I’ll do just fine down here”, I thought to myself.

      • Meh; you can have Atlantic City. We got dolphins, pretty girls, 24/7 night life, zero Guidos and most importantly a devastating hurricane of biblical proportions every couple decades.

        That last item is important if you’re an architect.

        What? We gotta eat too…

        • And George Ohr; worth Googling.

          The craziest artist ever to grace the field of ceramics. If you right now were to, during Mardi Gras, dress up as Jesus and drag a huge cross down the parade route dissing a doctor and a lawyer that fucked you over, it’d be hardcore. But in 1896…dude had cantaloupes for balls.

  2. So….I’m pretty sure this sign is really close to me. It’s great because me and my boyfriend can go get Legos and then top the night off with ladies in awful stockings!

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