12 thoughts on “You Know You're In a Good Neighborhood When…

    • One would think. However, here in Texas we really don’t need a celebration to fire a gun, much less a reason. I can’t tell you how many rounds my neighbors go through in a month. The definite downside to living in a rural area.

  1. So what, we are just supposed to go back to cheering and clapping then?! A loud whistle or hurrah? Come on… who do they think we are?! The only way to celebrate, truly get your rocks off, is to shoot straight up in the air. Everyone knows that.

  2. My dad got in trouble in the 80’s for emptying an AK-47 clip into the air when he got drunk in a Naples, Florida trailer park.

    Not as much trouble as if he’d done it in, say, New Hampshire; but plenty of trouble nonetheless.

    True Story.

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