32 thoughts on “I Think He's Found Wife #4

  1. If he’s true to form, he’ll break the news to Wife #3 via text while she’s at a campaign function for him. Oh, and while she’s also battling some disease.

    • File this under “MEDICAL FACT”: Newt is a Macrocephalic Sycophant:

      JAMES “BUBBA” BALL, High School Football Coach: Newt was a boy that came in that had never played football and really wasn’t given a lot of athletic talent. But he came onto the field, wanted to play football. And we had a little trouble getting a helmet that would fit him. Auburn didn’t have one. Tech didn’t have one, Alabama, Troy State. So we had to call Rudell and they had to make up a special helmet.

      LINDA TILTON: Newt has a large head and there were no helmets in Columbus that would fit Newt except for these 1940 football … these leather things with the little earflaps, I gather. This is what Jim’s story always was, anyway.

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