25 thoughts on “TACO NIGHT

    • We’re getting better.
      I think.
      At least nowadays when something happens like this there’s near-instantaneous outrage.
      It could be worse.
      We could be Japan. A friend of mine lived there for 3 years and said he’s never seen anywhere more racist (he’s of the Mexican persuasion).

      Judge for yourself.

    • Why does everyone always say that, as if “Oh, s/he’s American” is an excuse to be an idiot? Bigotry isn’t a solely American idea.

      I lived half my life in the Netherlands, and I’ve lived the other half here.

      The Dutch use curses in everyday language. Many of their names for other races actually do translate into racial slurs. In fact, the only words really considered vulgar in the Netherlands are the names of diseases.

      Isn’t stereotyping someone based on their country of origin bigotry itself?

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