Quarterback Controversy

I realize that fashion shows aren’t meant to showcase clothing that’s practical or even desirable. It’s just a show for weird shit. I get that. But even so… come on. I wish I’d been sitting in on this brainstorming session: “Because sometimes you just want to dress up like a gal from a 1950’s steno pool, but with football pads underneath!”

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32 thoughts on “Quarterback Controversy

      • Good try, Tee-Gurl, but here’s a few pointers:

        – Try “I peed in a pony once”…that get’s ’em going.

        – Or hobo…that works, unless it’s a wedding.

        – Just remember…take deep breaths, ingest a lot of fluids, preferably diuretics, avoid carbs, and it’s “Peed IN”, not “Peed ON”. The latter is just sick and wrong.
        Are you female? We may have a logistical problem here…let me think.

  1. I am hoping that with those hairy knees, this is a dude. Then again, a dude wearing this get-up would be more weird than a model with hairy knees. So maybe I’m not hoping it’s a dude.

  2. WTF is that? And aren’t the knees wrinkled? Like, skinny 75 year old wrinkled knees and legs? They look wrinkled to me. This looks like a Photoshop joke. And not a really funny one. Damn.

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