33 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Cardassians

  1. just because someone is different, doesn’t mean they’re gross. and she has the muffin top effect because she is sitting. corsets compress things differently when you’re sitting verses when you’re standing.

    • Wrong. I’ve been wearing corsets for years, and that is an incredibly ill-fitted garment she’s wearing. I’m a much bigger woman than she is, and never have I looked that gross in a corset, sitting, standing, or laying down. Perhaps she’s wearing an improperly fitted corset because she spent too much time and money on weird horn implants and white contact lenses.

      • If corsets made someone look that awful when sitting, schoolkids would grow up believing that everyone from a hundred or so years ago had four boobs. Two in front, and two behind the pits.

        Don’t be stupid. This person (I’m honestly not convinced this is a girl) is wearing something that’s far too tight across the top. The top, at the very least. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bottom looks just as bulgy.

      • She looks like she may have had her spine removed, that’s why the top of her torso looks like it’s slumped down and spilling over all around. Clearly, one body mod too far.

        • I’ve never before seen someone hunch so bad, while scrunching their shoulders up so much. All while wearing a garment that OUGHT to keep you from slouching.

    • I can’t believe you got voted down 22 times over corsetry inaccuracy… that’s funny. Do it again and I’ll set my goth tailor on you.

      ‘The Corsetry Inaccuracy’. Sounds like an episode of Big Bang Theory.

  2. She actually seems like a cool person. She did this after leaving a very abusive relationship and said that this look represents her freedom to do and be whatever she wants. She also said that she has a tattoo of her kids staring at her ex-husband and judging him. Wow.

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