33 thoughts on “The Most Exciting Thing to Ever Happen in Cricket

  1. Oh shit. The most boring game in the world. Do you know what it’s like to be forced to watch this on tv every weekend, because there are only two tv stations and both are showing cricket? Thank technology for options.

  2. At least Golf is an understandable game. I don’t think Cricket really has any rules. They just make it up as they go along to confuse and annoy the rest of us.

  3. Golf is like watching old people fornicate – pretty dry and uninteresting.
    And it’s a great waste of good pastureland. Lastly, the amount of chemicals dumped on golf courses is exponentially higher than what is spread on farms, but you don’t hear environmentalists complaining for some odd reason.

  4. I’m pretty butthurt about all of this cricket criticism.

    FYI, Basketball is pretty boring. A bunch of pathetically overly-macho guys spend a long time doing very repetitive things and then one team wins by like 88-90…

  5. With a couple of tweaks (introducing a Team Knife, and perhaps giving outfielders each a Team Pistol (small caliber, .22 perhaps) with a single round in it) I think Cricket could become a runaway success.

  6. One of the rules of cricket is that the ball has to bounce before it gets to the batsman. The ball has the potential to do this – bounce up and under the bottom bar and still hit the batsman in the face. I’ll get my coat……………

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