10 thoughts on “I Blame The School System

  1. Class, class…X is for “extinct” because the “e” is silent, like it is in “neighbor” and “weigh.” No…wait, that is when the “i” is before “e” or some shit like that. Oh, Christ…just take your fucking Spelling Participation Badges and get the fuck out of here. It’s time for my court-mandated “medical marijuana” break.

  2. I spent way too long staring at ‘extinct’ wondering if it was spelled wrong before I finally stopped being stupid long enough to see the problem.

    That’s sad.

  3. “X” is for “X-Tina”…

    who now looks like the mammoth.

    Ahhh Hell, who am I kidding? I’d slap-fight a mother grizzly wearing only a sirloin thong and gravy skins just for the privilege of jerking off her gardener’s dog.

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