11 thoughts on “WINNING at Full Dance Card

  1. This has been on my mom’s Christmas list since it was published. I refuse to buy it for her…though I did give in and get her the book about cat paintings one year. *sigh*

  2. The cat is staring at her junk because it smells like fish.
    Ahhh, the art of subtly is not lost. And by “lost” I mean “used”. OK, let’s have at:
    Puss n’ Toots
    “Fluffy waited eagerly for the next grape to pop out”.
    How to find and stimulate the Kitoris.
    Looks like it’s time to change the clitty litter.
    OK, I’ll stop now.

  3. Actually, almost everyone loved “Why Cats Paint.” They didn’t BUY it, mind you, because most people are not silly enough to buy a dead tree just because it has an amusing conceit.

    I did buy a copy for the girlfriend at the time. And, honestly, if I’d kept it, I’d still keep it. It’s fucking hilarious and beautifully convincing.

    This followup book, however, never even got onto my radar.

    Other amazingly stupid yet wonderful cat-related books:
    Written like one of those 20-page essays in The New Yorker, a first person account of owning a male calico, and what that means (hint: they’re really rare, but not all that valuable, and they’re just exactly as fucked up as female calicos).

    Anyone who has lived with a cat probably will agree with the title, so these are cartoons demonstrating it, for comedic effect.

    And, especially for the FJL of R, http://www.amazon.com/Crafting-Cat-Hair-Cute-Handicrafts/dp/1594745250/

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