15 thoughts on “WINNING at Witch Trials

  1. See, this is why Herman Cain fears using Muslim doctors. He know that Sharia law means they could be executed for sorcery. He’s thinking about their safety in countries like Ubeki-beki-bek-beki-beki-stan-stan.

    “You ask Cain about his tax plan, he said ‘nine, nine, nine’
    Foreign policy’s crap, but will he cut tax, ‘nine, nine, nine’”

  2. I think the key phrase in this article is “…chief of the religious police…”.

    Solar, fusion, fission, bio-diesel, geo-thermal…whatever it takes so we can be forever free of these 14th century shit-hooks and they can slide back into the stone-age irrelevancy they’d enjoy today if not for the oceans of crude upon which they sit.

    Why could not the combustion engine have been invented to run off of sperm?

  3. Execution might be a bit on the harsh side, but I can’t bring myself to criticize Saudi Arabia for punishing a vile con artist. If Western governments would only take a leaf out of Saudi Arabia’s book on this one issue and round up all these homeopaths and chiropractors, we might be getting somewhere.

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