13 thoughts on “WINNING at Silly Warnings

  1. “Now boarding for Breaston, Penistone, Twatt, Lickey Hole, Six Mile Bottom, Pant, Lord Herefords Knob, Brown Tongue, Giddy Horn, Cold Blow…and Cuc-a-Monga!”

  2. Freudian Station is a dangerous place; the doughnut and kielbasa delivery train lunges out of the tunnel into the platform and sprays hot white steam everywhere. Then it takes 20 minutes before it can get underway again.

    And it has big hairy balls on it.

    You see, that last part was too much, wasn’t it? That step too far. I need to learn restraint.
    In my pants.

  3. Reminds me that I just don’t understand “Metrosexuals.” The DC Metro has to be one dirtiest, stuffiest places to try to have sex. Get a room.

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