14 thoughts on “WINNING a Police Escort

    • He’s so zen about it!!

      Personally, I’ve told the cops around the statehouse here in Cola that I can’t promise they wouldn’t have to arrest me for civil disobedience, but I sure as hell could promise that I’d make inappropriate comments the entire time.

      “Oooohhhh… Officer…. My safeword is Shame… You know, I often require at least a dinner before I let someone slap on the cuffs…”

    • Nah, Vargas is gauging the height of the dumpster, just out of range.

      But seriously, shouldn’t the cops be arresting the real crooks looking down smugly from the corporate towers?

      To paraphrase astute asshole Joseph Stalin, “The theft of one dollar is a crime; the theft of millions is corporate banking”.

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