15 thoughts on “WINNING at Archenemies

  1. I’m pretty sure this is from the Seattle pride festival. I used to live right on the parade route and these guys would skate on by, they have a lady dressed as Robin in their posse too. For the Solstice parade they all wear the same costumes-but instead of this getup it’s body paint.

    Oh Seattle, how I miss you and your cold, naked hippies!

      • But in Seattle, naked-sexy crime fighter’s are assisted by “scarf guy”-he’s a nudist in his 70s, covered in warts and skin tags that loves to show up to public events in as little clothes as legal and dance with scarves. At one point, Batman, Robin, Joker, and Bat girl made a human chair and skated him down the street. It was….memorable….

      • Yes, he’s wearing beads, but that building is nothing like anything in the Quarter, where the Decadence parade takes place. Plus, most of the people in the crowd aren’t wearing the tourist beads. Also; that go-cup is all wrong.
        You going to Orpheus and Proteus tomorrow night? I skipped today’s massive parade schedule because the parking situation frightens me. Endymion was fun last night, though.

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