18 thoughts on “WINNING at Roadside Attractions

  1. Wait, is that Suprise, AZ? I know where Cotton Lane & the zoo are, I need to go find that sign!!! Avoiding the actual town of Surprise, of course. Not sure why it got that name, but I really, really, really don’t want to know.

  2. Due to the economy, the state found to necessary to house the prisoner overflow at the zoo. Not sure who was more surprised, the children on their weekend visits or Macho Mike, the formerly “alpha male” of the prison after his stay in the gorilla habitat and his “encounter” with the resident silverback.

    • To be fair, if I had to have surprise buttsex with anyone, it would be with a gorilla since they only have a 2″ penis. At least that way all my injuries would be external. I’ve thought a lot about this.

    • Think that I know the place. Right down the road from Sin; on that road paved by the Good Intentions company? I frequently travel that road in my late model handbasket.

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