16 thoughts on “WINNING Combo

  1. Jack Daniels and Coke, for various reasons, cannot be sold in the US. Rail against that oppression. I’m right there with you.

    Now, “Jack Daniels Brand and Cola Flavored Malt Liquor Beverage,” appears every few years. I suspect it never catches on because it tastes almost, but not entirely, unlike Bourbon and Coke.

    Anyway, you can do much better — even the cheapest Jim Beam bourbon (the “White label”) tastes better in Coke than Jack Daniels.

    Now if you want to get all frou-frou, get the Bulleit Bourbon and the Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola.

    And, if you’re from a certain region of the country, bourbon and Moxie totally rocks. I am not kidding. It is AWESOMENESS in a can.

  2. holy shit. I cannot believe I am seeing people amazed by something that has been commonly available to me in a variety of flavours and styles for 20 years.

    Are you people from some sort of lost Amazonian Rainforest tribe?

  3. I love that ‘not Photoshop’ is a tag. Of course it’s not photoshop.
    This doesn’t seem weird to me at all, what does seem weird is the reactions.

    Is this really not available in the US?

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