26 thoughts on “WINNING Advice To Prevent Bullying

    • I mean; sexuality isn’t something you HAVE to advertise. To most people, of all sexual orientations, sexuality is a private thing. You can’t tell if someone is straight or gay by looking at them, unless they go out of their way to advertise whatever sexual orientation they are. So, in a sense, kids aren’t being bullied for being gay; they’re being bullied for being indiscrete. Flaunting your sexuality is tasteless and trashy; whether you’re straight or gay.

      • I can imagine my old PE teacher saying to me, “Well, you’re being bullied. Have you, well, tried acting like less of a loser?”

        I’m sure he was thinking it.

      • I know a kid who gets teased because he’s perceived as gay even though he’s not. It happens all the time. He’s not advertising his sexuality, it’s just that there’s something about the way he carries himself that triggers the “hey, let’s hassle that kid and call him a fag” impulse in some of the douchier kids at school. It’s not him who needs to change, it’s the bullies. Period.

      • Unlike the straight kids in jr. and high school who french kiss in a way that would make a hooker blush. And in front of EVERYONE. That kind of advertising? Even for us straight kids, watching that was kind of disgusting. So for all of the assholes who complain about gay kids “advertising their sexuality”, just walk into any jr. high and watch the straight kids advertise. You might get pointers, if nothing else.

  1. I just have to ask this – why the FUCK do you need “classes” in compassion? You shouldn’t need some kind of training in order to know that victims of bullying are VICTIMS and you should have compassion for them. NO one should need to teach you that the bullies are in the wrong and it is up to you, as the authority figure, to stand up for the victims.

    How the hell do these people become teachers?

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