24 thoughts on “WINNING at Amish Hipsters

  1. There was a table of about six lookalikes of those guys near me at my local coffee place a couple weeks ago. Memorably identical neckbeards, suspenders, the works. They were definitely regular, non-Amish hipsters, though, despite having the look pretty much down.

  2. Or what about that guy with the ponytail behind them…I’d say he’s not looking too groovy either.

    This would pretty much be the coffee shop of my nightmares…

  3. Does it make me a hipster if I actually find the look rather attractive (in a at-least-their-damn-pants-aren’t-around-their-asses kind of way)?? Also; Deadwood.

  4. No, just hipsters. The Amish have a prohibition against moustaches, and so shave their top lips. I suspect that ‘Amish Chic’ might be a thing now.

    Also; dude needs to put his shoes back on and act civilised.

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