22 thoughts on “How Not To Get Hired

  1. Why would people with fat rolls wear such tight clothes? Don’t they own mirrors? Do they think this is attractive? Is it that they bought these clothes when they were less hefty and now can’t afford larger clothes? Answers anyone?

    • As a seamstress, here is my professional answer; Most inexpensive (aka. affordable) pants are cut in a standard grade that doesn’t allow for big bottoms. So while ‘trendy’ jeans do exist in a cut that would cover a big behind, they are designer prices. The same goes for pants that are cut long for those of us who need an inseam longer than the standard 31″. So to answer your question, these people are putting fashion before modesty and they apparently think that the style of their jeans trumps the fact that everyone can see their ass.

      • (Not) Winning at Priorities. This is why I forgo fashion for a covered ass. Only thing worse than having a fat ass is stuffing said fat ass into low rise jeans and ending up with a quarter in your crack from some prankster.

  2. I’m going to be honest. I saw this picture, and thought it was a photo of my stepsister. Looks identical to her hair and clothing choices. Her ass is always hanging out like that…bugs the shit out of me.

  3. I actually hope she doesn’t have undies on, because then I’d have to feel extremely sorry for them.

    If she is wearing them, they’re obviously hiding inside her pants because they’re embarrassed.

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