8 thoughts on “WINNING at Journalism part 3

  1. Sadly, the only reason some people will even notice the story about the Pakistani girl is if a picture of Lohan, Kardashian, Sheen, Bieber, or some other celeb is placed under it so that readers’ eyes will see the Pakistani girl’s picture first while moving down the page.

  2. The difference between the poor Pakistani girl and Kim is that Kim could pick up that bowling ball with no hands, if you know what I mean*.

    *What I mean is with her big slobbering vah-jay-jay, with which she cynically consolidated her financial future by having it pummeled on video by some dude’s turgid ham-bat**.

    **I call dibs on “Turgid Ham-Bat” as a kick-ass band name.

  3. You cut the headline off. It’s supposed to read “Kim Kardashian goes bowling after finding cure for AIDS.” See, she’s actually the world’s smartest scientist posing as a worthless butthole celebrity in order to raise money for research. We won’t donate money to cure AIDS, but we will pay to see her get drilled by Brandy’s brother.

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