20 thoughts on “We've Reached The Bottom

  1. haha, awesome. This is a company that sells products popular in Mexcio … while I realize that the toaster (or iron toasting implement in the hearth fire) wasn’t common back in the day, they do know that they exist NOW. Too funny.

  2. I see stuff like this a lot in Asia.
    In Taiwan, my MIL’s kitchen has a regular burner, a wok burner and a microwave. no oven, no toaster oven, so unless it’s fried, she has no way to make toast and, if she wanted it, she would purchase this and heat it in the microwave. Also, they don’t usually eat sandwiches, so they wouldn’t even have sliced bread around.
    Not everyone is a European or American, folks.

  3. I love crunchy toast but can’t stand the stench of heated bread wafting into my flared nostrils…FINALLY my prayers are answered.

    Well, the toast one anyway. AND the Palin one.

    The “cure cancer”, “eradicate mosquitos” and “make it like Dirk Diggler’s” prayers are still pending.

  4. You must be shopping in the spoiled helpless college student aisle. That row also includes pre-boiled water, folded laundry and 24 hour road-side assistance (e.g. daddy’s cell phone number).

  5. Those things have been around for extremely long time. They’re very popular in Europe. They’re great if you just put some butter and dip it in your coffee. They don’t taste like toast you make yourself.

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