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  2. Koreans are so into spam. I first moved here around Seollal (their “new year” in February), and all of the grocery stores were filled with spam gift sets. Even now, in the canned food aisle in the grocery store down the street (which is mostly canned tuna, btw), there’s a display that looks pretty much like this on a daily basis. They even put spam in vegetable kimbap (which is like the Korean version of a sushi roll).

    • OMG my employers are Korean & yesterday they offered me sushi & normally I don’t like fishy things but I tried it anyway. I asked what was in it & they just said it was some kind of sausage. I haven’t had Spam in ages so wouldn’t recognize it by taste but taking into consideration what you said I wonder if it was.
      I also have to apologize b/c when trying to hit reply on my smartphone’s touchscreen I accidentally thumbs downed you & totally didn’t mean it. I’m sorry. Have a can of Spam as consolation.

    • I was once in a high-end Chinese restaurant and on the menu was “Dragon Balls” (this was even before the Japanese cartoon/comic came out). It was described as a diced, spiced ham, rolled and fried. So I figured, WTH and ordered it (as an appetizer). As soon as I tried one, I knew it was spam! There is just no mistaking that taste.

  3. FINALLY! A flimsy excuse to bust out some Spam™ Haiku!!!

    silent, former pig
    one communal awareness
    myriad pink bricks

    Gelantaneous cube
    My hand bled for your freedom
    Tears stain empty tin

    Little slab of meat
    In a wash of clear jelly
    Now I heat the pan

    Porcine ghosts cry out
    Is this our souls’ savage fate?
    What violation

    Hey…anybody wanna hear my Olestra™ Haiku?


      • I collected hundreds of Olestra™ Haiku; here are a few of my fave:

        Gym class in minutes
        Olestra chips at lunchtime
        Deep knee bends are out

        Office party hell
        I laugh and slip a small fart
        What’s that in my shoe?

        Chips won’t be ignored!
        Like unholy Amish girls
        My intestines churn

        The road less travelled
        occasional path to john
        now super-highway

        I generate dark liquid
        Like Mr. Coffee.

        However my most treasured was an epic run where someone combined Olestra with a World War 2 theme; here’s a sampler:

        Hitler in brown shorts
        Hirohito Frito spurts
        Olestra Axis

        Olestra Nazis
        Holocaust in my bowels
        Hindenburg colon

        Explosions at dawn
        Pearl Harbor in my Jockeys
        Olean sneak attack


  4. I have a can of SPAM-flavored Macadamia nuts which I can’t bear to open. Purchased in Hawaii of course. Ingredients: dry roasted Hawaiian macadamia nuts, salt and SPAM brand flavoring. I guess it’s proprietary.

  5. My best friend loves vienna sausage and spam… I gag at the smell. Anything that lists “mechanically separated chicken” as its main ingredient has no place in my stomach.

    Plus, it puts a really weird image in my head: Chicken goes in on one conveyor belt, meat and nasty bits come out the other end, neatly separated.

  6. I wish I could find all those flavors in our store. Spam is awesome stuff. Grill it in butter till it has a nice browning to the outsides, put some American cheese and place it in some toasted buttered bread. Mmm.

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