15 thoughts on “WINNING at Scheduling

  1. My Man-Card has activities like “Repeatedly vote morons into high office”, “run a trout line”, “Chew Beech-Nut” and “Finger-Bang Sis”.

    Dammit, somehow I got the Texas Man-Card…

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  2. I’m just gonna go ahead an punch about 4 of those out right now, maybe 5. Have any of my beards been epic enough? I’ve certainly had epic mustaches, and sideburns. I am easily 1/10 as manly as Steve, maybe even 1/8th.

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  3. Well, let’s see. so far:
    My beard is Epically Laughable.
    I spent 12 Bucks on Blow.
    I Earned a huge Farcial Scare.

    Looks like I’ve got a ways to go yet.

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  4. Done:
    Epic Beard
    Face Scar (not huge, but definitely noticable to the point where people always ask)
    Tree/Kitten rescue
    Smoke Pipe (tobacco)
    Stopped Purse Snatcher
    Drank G-18 (smooooooooth!)
    Rebuilt Engine (Honda GL500 and that sucker ran for 10 more years)
    Learned to weld
    Carried B-skin knife

    only a few more to go!

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