41 thoughts on “WINNING at Irony

  1. Bring on the Lawsuit machine! It’s like they WANT you to sue them for selling unhealthy burgers and encouraging obesity! At the same time, if people really want to eat this way, no amount of good advice or council will stop them.

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    • How can you sue them? They’re not forcing you to buy and consume their food. It’s merely available if you want it. Anyhow, who doesn’t love grease by the gallon? You’re not A-murr-i-can if you don’t love grease by the gallon!

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      • Oh, I’m not saying I’d sue them, just that someone out there who has a loved one die of obesity related diseases after eating at this place (particularly those with heart attacks) will try to sue because their loved ones were given free calorie laden “heart attack” food for being morbidly obese.

        It’s a litigious society we live in…

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  2. Hey everybody! Just wanted to stop by, be incoherent, and start some shit. My work here is done. Also, you’re doing a great job Bronc!

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  3. I’ve seen TV shows about this place. It’s fucking disgusting, and I love burgers, and I’m no Kate Moss. Hell, you could stack two Kate Mosses, and I’m still probably bigger.

    But just looking at their food makes me want to vomit, not visit.

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    • Ugh! I know. My husband wants to go every time he sees this place on some travel show. It gets featured a lot.

      It’s so nasty. I can’t see eating somewhere just because everything is as fattening as it can possibly be.

      Then again, the only greasy foods I’m really fond of are chicken nuggets and bacon so maybe I’m not the best judge…..

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  4. At least he died happy *nom nom bacon*
    We’re all gonna die anyways… and it’s not like he didn’t know the risks. Besides, the article said pneumonia killed him, not a triple bacon 1/2 pound burger.

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  5. Oh no! He died? This is so sad. We’ll never get to see him dressed up like the boy scout from UP at Comic Con! Doesn’t the bastard realize we have dreams?

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