WINNING at Laziest Halloween Costume

This “sexy costume” trend is really losing steam. I recognize that is supposed to be Sexy Mario, but there’s been almost no effort put into it. You got no moustache, no little hat, and no hammer. Time to head back to the drawing board, lady. D-minus.

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18 thoughts on “WINNING at Laziest Halloween Costume

  1. Wait a minute, I thought Halloween was invented to A) sell candy and B) to give college kids the opportunity to gallivant around town and have kinky costume one night stands. Am I wrong?

    • Being at a con, and wearing a Mario costume doesn’t mean she actually likes video games. I’d be impressed if it was a lesser known character but still pretty popular character, like Samus.

      Maybe she is just a hot girl, in a sleazy costume, who likes the attention actual gamers give her.

    • Wrong. It’s a mildly attractive girl who knows that “kids these days” like them retro thangs and puts something stupid on without knowing what it means. C for looks, D- for effort.

  2. I call you out for winning at being spoiled. So she’s not a REAL fan. And? Is she ACTUALLY hot? is she ACTUALLY giving you an excuse to take her picture? Winning at White Whine my friend.

  3. If she’d dressed up as a character from Shining Force or Shining Force 2 then I’d give her an ‘A’. In this outfit, I’d give her an ‘A’.

    This is because the geek in me gets beaten up and told to shut his Goddam mouth by the other bit who only ever thinks about sex.

    Luckily, thanks to the joys of dual window working, I can train my left eye on the Genesis emulator window, and my right on her boobies. I fucking love the 21st Century.

  4. Goddamn, geeks will argue about ANNYTHING, won’t they? The argument here isn’t “should hot girls be allowed at cons”, it’s “this is the laziest Mario costume ever”. Which it is. The “she can still plumb my pipes” comments are cute, the “you’re a whiner, Bronc” comments are idiotic and completely miss the point.

    And in that spirit, I call Photoshop. I can tell by the pixels.

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