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  1. I counted THIRTY cats just in the frame of the photo. I’m sure there is more. I bet the ammonia there would make your eyes water. On a side note, what’s up with the wood screen around the stove. Did a cat get barbequed at some point in the past?

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  2. This is actually a cat rescue facility called The Cat House on the Kings and the woman who runs it is AMAZING (she’s the one in this picture).

    She takes in cats that people drop off. She goes to shelters/pounds and takes cats that would otherwise be euthanized. She goes to an island (can’t remember the name of it) where there is a feral cat problem, rescues the cats, and then spays/neuters them (for which she does all of the cats that come to her).

    She has devoted her life and every penny she has to rescuing cats that are abandoned and/or abused and/or the product of idiots who don’t spay/neuter their pets and/or take on OMGSUPERADORABLE kittens, but then get tired of them when they grow up. People will call in and ask her to take them in, she will say yes, of course, but not before telling them that they’re fucking assholes for doing many of the asshole-y things that people who get pets they can’t take care of (not for reasons out of their control). In conclusion, this lady is pure AWESOME.

    P.S. The property that The Cat House on the Kings is located on has acres and acres for these cats to roam and frolic. There is a volunteer veterinarian on site that performs the spaying/neutering and takes care of sick kitties and performs much-needed (and otherwise expensive) surgeries and procedures.

    P.S.S. The woman who runs this place is tough as nails and strict as hell. She says that the only acceptable state of the facilities is for it to smell as if there are NO cats living there. She, and her employees/volunteers, are fastidious about cleaning. They even have a quarantine area for new cats that come into the facility to make sure that they’re healthy, spayed/neutered, and don’t have any contagious illnesses.

    TL;DR – This isn’t some crazy cat hoarder lady who doesn’t take care of her cats. This woman rescues cats and takes EXCELLENT care of them. She adopts out the cats that are most “appealing” and most desired by people. She keeps the cats that are ornery and difficult so they can live full, healthy lives at her facility. Did I mention she is AWESOME???

    [/end verbose, preachy defense of The Cat House on The Kings]

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  3. I had a post to the effect that being the sole omnivore in a house full of carnivores would not end well, but EyeLoofahEwe just buzz-killed it.

    Having said that, this Not-So-Crazy Cat Woman is indeed awesome.

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    • I agree with this post. She is a crazy cat lady, in a good sense! She loves kitties so much, so has built them a crazy cat land! It’s cute and silly, and awesome.

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