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  1. Stumbled on this website and found this picture. John happens to be my second cousin. None of you know the whole story. I love how for your own personal entertainment you bash someone because of what you see on the outside of a story. As much as the comments piss me off, his job will be doing something that he loves, making more money than any of you ever will in your lifetime, and I’m sure Krista will get at least 5 sets of fake tits if she so desires over the course of her lifetime. So please I hope no one is too upset she is battling cancer because she will be rich as fuck after this is over:)

  2. For all we know, in his subculture, divorcing women suffering from the ravages of disease is part and parcel of life. And who are we, in our cushy internets armchairs, to comment otherwise?

    We are in no position to judge someone else’s’ subaculture, guyszzz

  3. I feel like I’m asking a stupid question, but how do we know he’s divorcing her just because of the mastectomy and cancer? If that’s so, of course he’s an asshole, but if he’s divorcing her because of other issues, I think that’s better than waiting until she (hopefully) beats the cancer and then dropping another bomb on her.

  4. Reminds me of when my husband decided to take his vacation to visit his “friend” in missouri while I was in the hospital waiting to find out the results from the biopsy on the giant tumor in my breast. Nothing says “I’m here for you” like being 800 miles away fucking your Fat Whore of an ex girlfriend (seriously, this bitch has to turn SIDEWAYS to get down a hallway! I’ve met her!) while your wife is terrified and alone and quite possibly dying and in serious threat of having to have one of her breasts removed. And then to top it all off, coming home like nothing happened and giving your wife chlamydia because your dumbass didn’t use protection. True. Fucking. Story.
    Oh, I didn’t end up with cancer…just chlamydia. It was “just a benign tumor” that happens sometimes.

      • Yes, Bronc, I’m ok. thank you. I just had to take some giant horse sized pills to get rid of the STD. But here’s the greatness of my doctor. Usually, a doctor will give the spouse the antibiotic as well, without a test, because, duh, they have it as well. But due to the asshattery of the situation, my doctor tested dear husband…with a rod that went up inside his dick. And as every man knows, that hole is most assuredly EXIT ONLY. :D Of course the test came back positive…Of course he got his pills. But he had to earn them. And when we went back in for our check ups, he had to go through it AGAIN. And on his way out the door, my doctor smiled and gave me a wink, and when I looked at our bill, he didn’t even charge us for the re-tests. I love my doctor. I still use him. Because he’s an awesome old dude that held my hand through the whole hospital scare, explained everything to me, and when he found out what husband had been doing while he was working to find out what was wrong with me, (and using his lunch breaks to have lunch with me and make me feel better and chill with me after his shift to check on me before he went home for the day. No, he wasn’t flirting, lol. He’s just a great doctor like that) he helped me exact a little bit of extra revenge. Because there are good people in the world like that. And my doctor Wins at Awesomeness.

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