10 thoughts on “WINNING at Huggies

  1. Second example of a diaper fetish I have seen in my lifetime, which is two times too many. The other one involved a man pretending to be a psychiatrist who would call daycare providers to tell them that he was sending someone over who had an infant/diaper fetish and to treat him as a baby, being sure to change his diaper. And of course that someone was himself. Which some women actually fell for but others notified the police and he was arrested eventually.

    Not to change the subject too abruptly, but can anyone read what his hat says? I know it’s backwards but that gothic font has me stumped.

    • it’s not even¬†backwards, it’s just illegible. look at his wristband.

      this guy….. this guy…..

      before the internet he would NEVEREVEREVERNEVER have even considered putting on stuffed diapers & then taking a snapshot of himself. the idea wouldnt have touched his mind nevermind any other part of him. teenage girls worldwide wouldve lined up in queues to be anywhere near him, wouldve stabbed near relatives to get a date. i’m¬†sure there are legions of teenage boys who woulda done the same. & now this. evolution in progress.

      • I guess you could say his wristband might not be backwards, but that would depend on whether it was upside down or not too, right? I still think it’s a mirror image.

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