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  1. oh my god will you people get the hell over it? it happened 5 years ago, he did his time. dick cheney shot a man and is everyone over that??? yeah, they are.

    • I assume the “it” in your sentence refers to Michael Vick’s indictment for running a dogfighting ring? That was in 2007, four years ago. And I don’t think you should make it sound like an isolated moment in time, since he was doing it for years. You only get to do that if it was a one-time thing, not a lengthy pattern of misconduct. It’s like imagine a guy who’s spent the last 20 years running people over with his car. Then two years ago he gets popped for hit-and-run. He can’t say “get over it, that happened two years ago.” No, it was going on for years. You only got caught two years ago. Big difference.
      Here’s a question- did you think what Vick did was wrong, or did you never care in the first place?
      Also, Dick Cheney’s an asshole but the incident you refer to was an accident. Vick’s behavior was a long-running criminal conspiracy.

      • i did care in the first place, but you have to realize, he got caught, did his time, and now he is done with it. people need to get over the fact that he did what he did. yeah, it was a shitty thing what he did, but it is in the past. and as far as the dick cheney thing, it was a comparison. here is a better one for you, what about the athletes that drink and drive? that would actually kill people. the ones that have been convicted of that, have you heard anything else from it? no you havent. so people need to get over it, stop whining about it, etc… because there are plenty of other athletes that have done worse.

        • I talk about athletes who drink and commit vehicular homicide all the time. Again, your comparisons are off the mark. Driving drunk is selfish and it’s irresponsible, but it’s not a criminal conspiracy. You’re comparing accidents to deliberate criminal acts. What Vick engaged in was a lengthy, sociopathic criminal enterprise. I’m not saying he should be in jail for the rest of his life, but a whole lot of people treat him like a conquering hero these days. I can’t blame people for reacting negatively to that. But keep telling people to stop whining and get over it, because that’s cool.
          For the record, I think men like Leonard Little and Donté Stallworth should be in jail.

        • I dont know anyone who treats him like a hero. he isn’t a hero, he is an athelete, who, got convicted of a crime and did his time, just like any other person to do a crime, did he not? what about mike tyson and raping a chick? you dont hear about that anymore, do you? i bet, until i mentioned it, you forgot about it. the point i am trying to make, is that people need to get over it. did he hurt anyone? no. did he hurt your dog? no. did he, himself, kill a dog? no. so get over it.

          • I have not forgotten about Mike Tyson. I think it’s repugnant that people treat him like a lovable goofball these days after he was convicted of rape.. Stop putting words in my mouth. I think it’s really obnoxious to tell people to get over it when it’s something that repulses them this much. A lot of people have very strong feelings about this. Just because it doesn’t bother you anymore doesn’t mean it’s not troubling.

        • really? did you even read the tweets? they were giving him praise about how he did against the redskins on nov. 15th , 2010. he put up a 150 passer rating, went 20 for 28, 4 td passes, and 2 rushing td’s. come on, really? he was a beast that day and you cant deny it, either can all of those people on that link. there are even REDSKIN fans that gave him “props”. try actually finding people who treat him like a hero, and not people who are basically saying “good job on the game last night”.

          • I saw a lot of that, but I also saw a lot of “fuck all the haterz I never stopped being a fan.”

        • of his playing……. i never stopped being a fan of his quarterbacking skills. he is good, just as simple as that. how else could he have put up a 100 qb rating last season?

  2. he won that award for courage of all things. it was ghastly. in what way was he courageous? re-leading his exorbitant life after getting out of prison too early for consciously & repeatedly doing something cruel & inhumane he had no need whatsoever to do in the first place?

    {okay. done. i am so bored since my keyboard is out of commission so i cant work. every reply takes about fifteen minutes of banging & pushing something that feels like glued clay. w/ hope i should have another keyboard friday & then i will recess into the shadows once again.}

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