WINNING at Looking Backwards

I was so pleased the other day when this happened. Even though I knew the treatment of females in Saudi Arabia was still deplorable, for that one moment I felt good about things.


That was depressing. But I guess I could just be philosophical about it, like this commenter:


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33 thoughts on “WINNING at Looking Backwards

    • I’m really not meaning to preach, guys, but that’s my problem with these liberal elite middle eastern countries. They want BIG GOVERNMENT to administer all the brutal spousal beatings; this is tearing at the very fabric of domestic beatings between a man and his woman and/or pets.

      Next thing you know, they’ll be taking away from cousins and in-laws the right to fatally stone women said to be adulterous and handing that privilege over to mid-level bureaucrats.

  1. I’m pretty sure we can judge. Just because your shit stone age belief system says it’s ok, doesn’t mean it is. Adults can choose what they want to do and believe for THEMSELVES, and that’s where your right to believe dumb shit ends. As soon as you apply your beliefs to OTHER PEOPLE (including your societies women and children) then you are officially and categorically wrong.

    • “their system of values and beliefs”

      I really doubt that women came up with the system which oppresses them. Just like the common people didn’t come up with communism. The people on top did and they are the ones who don’t want you challenging their right to oppress others. Fuck your feelings, this is the modern world. And if you are a dick then the free world should call you out on it.

        • Unfortunately some things are much harder to express over the internet. C’est la vie.

          When I think of cultures like this one, I think of their practices as a form of mental illness. Domestic violence is a form of mental illness that is perpetuated by the very products of those relationships. It’s call the cycle of abuse. As a mental health nurse, I’ve learned to encourage change, but to expect nothing. It takes huge amounts of personal strength and willpower to break that cycle. For a woman to walk away from an abuser takes more courage and strength than you realize. For an abuser to change his ways is also incredibly hard. I DON’T think we should sympathize with abusers. But I do think it’s unreasonable to hold every society up to our own timeline. Women were never as oppressed in America as they are in the middle east. The power it would take to make an entire society break that extreme cycle of abuse is mind boggling. I think the most important thing is to encourage and praise change as it comes.

        • Rocknrollnicole; I get what you are saying but I totally disagree. Societies change and evolve, and yes, violence has been perpetuated in Saudi Arabia to an extent that could be comparable to mental illness. But this goes beyond holding a culture to a bigoted timeline. This is not a timing issue, this is an issue of right and wrong. I’m not trying to be the ugly American here but this is something so much bigger…

  2. They’ll really be rockin’ that right to vote when they can’t leave the house by themselves or drive themselves anywhere! I know, it’s a start, but it’s a start from centuries behind.

  3. Allah damn it, Bronc, you’re always starting shit.

    If anyone cares to know, I feel the same way about Saudi officials as I do about the supporters and members of One Million Moms.

  4. I think we can pass judgement on a woman being flogged for driving. It is one thing to have your own laws that represent your culture but there is a difference between cultural rights and human rights. Isn’t there? I think every person has the right not to be flogged but maybe that is just me? There is a fine line between wanted to respect someone’s cultural ideals and agreeing with them. Especially when it goes against your core belief that above all, each human is equal to another and therefore a woman being flogged for doing something that her society says is OK for men is disgusting, to me at least.

  5. Update – the king overturns the ruling:

    The power relationship is very weird in Saudi Arabia. Women driving is not illegal in the kingdom but the ban is defacto because of the royal family’s deference to the salafists. The king is not a soft-hearted ruler by any stretch of the imagination but this is extremely bad PR even for a country not known for its commitment to human rights.

    • Weirdly, although the King is a dick, he’s by far one of the more moderate dicks in a political and religious hierarchy full of sexist, racist, homophobic, religiously insane dickwads.

      Funny country.

  6. I as a woman will be the first to say, Women Can’t Drive. But also, neither can anybody else. 3 hours out of Driver’s Ed and everybody forgets the rules or breaks them for the hell of it.

  7. Hell, I’m judging right now. Watch me judge. … Okay, that’s enough of that, stop staring at me.

    Anyway, if more human rights violations were plastered across international headlines, maybe more dickhead leaders would start acting like humans.

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