8 thoughts on “WINNING at Redundancy

    • Yep! I think that “sent via Facebook” note at the bottom is from him, and not the person retweeting.

      You can update twitter via facebook? And facebook via twitter? Can you get stuck in a loop, with each thing repeating itself forever on the various sites? I sure hope so.

    • It’s a post for his facebook (hence the fb.me link, among other clues) followers that automatically loaded on his twitter. Still redundant, but not NECESSARILY deliberately stupid.

      I’ve found having both twitter and facebook redundant since the beginning. Yet, I still admin 4 facebook pages plus my own profile plus 3 twitter accounts.

      …I have no life. More wine, please.

      • I don’t think he was being stupid. I think he’s actually very media-savvy. I was just having a bit of fun.
        Fun fact: follow him on Facebook and read the comment threads. It’s mildly terrifying to see how uptight and conservative many of his fans are.

          • Liberals can be uptight, too. Though they’re usually uptight about things like peanuts on airplanes, or using the proper language to describe things.
            The type of conservative on Judge Mathis’ Facebook page is a specific kind: very homophobic and very Church-y.

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