9 thoughts on “WINNING at Meteorology

  1. “…and for those of you planning to travel Saturday, avoid asphalt paving and direct sunlight, unless you want to die rocking back and forth in an astounding fiery death agony, until you explode inside your car, much like a bomb does.

    Now to Lance Newkirk for a wrap-up of tonight’s high school and college football…”

  2. If we learned anything at all from Chronicles of Riddick and Day After Tomorrow, it’s that you can just outrun the temperature change. And staying in the shade makes all the difference when it’s 700 degrees.

    • Yeah, I did wonder about that. They’re coming in, and the computers’ saying it’s -500 in the shade and 700 in the sun, and they’re runnin’ in that…how, exactly? Even if it evens out near the edge, it’d still be 200 degrees.

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