17 thoughts on “WINNING at Reform?

  1. Women didn’t truly gain the right to vote in the US until about 1920 — that’s 91 years ago. A relatively recent period of time. And it took decade after decade of fighting for the US government to give in. I think the more important thing here is that Saudi Arabia is allowing women to vote in any form at all. Things are changing, maybe for the better. If they allow this, maybe they’ll be more apt to make other reforms. It ought to be celebrated, not condemned. And anyways, that’s their system of values and beliefs. We have no right to pass judgement. :/

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    • First of all, you’re really going to split hairs over the difference between 91 and 100 years?
      Second, fuck them. I don’t give a shit if that’s their system of values and beliefs. Their values and beliefs are wrong. Not everyone’s beliefs need to be respected. Do you respect the beliefs of the KKK? What about the Westboro Baptists?
      I have every right to pass judgment. I believe everyone should be treated equally, and Saudi culture has a long ways to go.. Cultural relativism can suck a tailpipe.
      In Iran they like hanging openly gay teenagers for the “crime” of being openly gay. Should I reserve judgment on this because “that’s just the way things are done over there?”
      What about those awesome cultures that think young girls should have their clitorises cut out and labia sewn shut? Can’t judge them?
      I’m perfectly fine with judging things that are clearly barbaric and wrong.

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