12 thoughts on “Most Definitely NOT WINNING

  1. This reminds me of that one time, my friends and I were at a club, and one of them got really drunk… We were going to the bathroom when all of the sudden, a pair of heels slides under the partition between my stall and the one my friend was in. This was not the first or last time she fell down that night, but it was definitely the most memorable. We were all standing by her door going “are you okay”, but of course we couldn’t help her since the door was locked, so we got to watch her feet and legs flop around as she tried to pull herself back up… The bathroom attendant had a hard time holding back his laughter.

    To this day, that incident is our benchmark for being way too drunk. Anytime anyone falls down or does something else stupid or clumsy while drunk, we reassure them that “At least you didn’t fall down in a bathroom stall like Ciara did that one time…”

    • My daughter’s name is Ciara and I hope she never has a moment like that…LOL

      I remember one time back in my partying days, I was in the stall sick due to too much drinking. My friend asked are you okay? I said yeah…I’m fine. She said no you’re not, your feet are facing the wrong way.

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