WINNING at Subliminal Advertising

I see nuts. I see creamy swirls. I see perspiration. I see handsome red and white stripes. I see a general air of joie de vivre. You can’t fool me, you Aussie bastards. I know what you’re up to.

And don’t forget about this! Less than two days remaining and he’s almost reached his goal. You could do a lot worse than to donate to Marko’s AIDS ride. And no, feeding your families is not an acceptable excuse.

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10 thoughts on “WINNING at Subliminal Advertising

  1. A) That is from KFC, not McDonalds, dear Creighton Beryl, if that is your real name

    B) Those are not nuts, those are biscuit pieces (or “cookie” pieces, to you yanks)

    C) Golden Gaytimes are delicious. In ice cream, and in drink form. Basically, what I’m saying is… I’ll take a gaytime whatever way you give it to me.

    And dammit, I’ll enjoy it

  2. Golden Gaytimes are SO delcious. Oh my goodness. And I am aware of the double entendre but seriously, those ice creams are great.

    If I weren’t lactose intolerant I’d be all over that biscuity goodness.

  3. It’s probably a coincidence that an ad campaign for Golden Gaytime (It’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own)always starts the week of the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney Australia.

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