WINNING at Translation

Trust me, it’s never too early to pique your son’s interested in ladies underwear. For a variety of reasons. For example, I hear they come in handy at Burning Man. Yes, that’s what I heard.

And speaking of men who dress in ladies underwear, I have a special request to make: my dear friend Marko is riding in one of those crazy AIDS rides this weekend. He’s done a fantastic job of raising money, and he’s almost reached his goal amount. If anyone wanted to stop over at his page and make a contribution (any amount helps), well, you’d have my respect. I don’t ask you guys for jackshit, would it kill you to do the right thing just this once?
K thanks.

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6 thoughts on “WINNING at Translation

  1. Actually, the characters underneath the English translation do say “boys’ underwear”. It’s more likely than not a mis-categorization, but it’s certainly not a mis-translation.

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