WINNING at Makeovers

In an interview with UK’s Radio Times, washed-up pretty boy Rupert Everett says Americans are “whiny victims” whose nation has become “unattractive.”

“I’m totally off the States now,” he told the magazine. “Really, they’ve got very blobby as a nation.

“Now they (the Americans) are whiny victims – and there’s nothing sexy about them any more. And that kind of semi-blindness about the rest of the world, which was attractive when America was exciting, is really unattractive now.”

There is nothing I like more than English actors who make it rich over here, then go back home and talk about what a shitty country this is. Normally, I’d say he should probably not accept anymore American jobs, but he doesn’t seem to be in danger of getting any.

As much as I hate this sort of posturing, I do have to give him some leeway when it comes to talking about people becoming unattractive. Because if anyone is qualified to speak to that, it’s him.

Perhaps he can save his residuals from jobs he took away from American actors, and come to the states for his next procedure.

We may be a nation of blobby whiners, but we know how to do a face lift that doesn’t make you look like Dixie Carter.

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25 thoughts on “WINNING at Makeovers

  1. Well if he thinks Americans are so dumb and uninformed I reckon he needs to take his Wall St. Journal, Fox News, News of the World, and the rest of his media empire and go home.
    NOW who’s stupid?
    Wait…wrong Rupert. I’m thinking Rupert Holmes.
    Wait…that’s the Rupert that wrote “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”.

    Ummm…carry on.

  2. Now, I’d never be mistaken for being someone who is over-zealously patriotic, but I’ve had it with all these whiny foreigner celebrities who bash on the US, the same country which helped make them millions of dollars.

    What I DO find amusing is the fact that Rupert Everett thinks he’s relevant enough these days to comment on anything of importance. Homeboy needs to worry less about the US and more about how he’s going to try and fix that busted face of his. Plastic surgery FAIL.

  3. I mean, I get what he’s saying here: basically comparing America to a dumb hot girl. It’s funny and cute when she’s still hot, but once she gets old and isn’t sexy anymore, it’s embarrassing. If an American comic made that joke, I’d probably laugh. But coming out of a foreigner, it’s much more mean-spirited. Although I do appreciate the irony of such a thing coming out of the mouth of someone who used to be hot but then got blobby himself and now isn’t sexy anymore. Amusing!

  4. Come on guys ‘n’ dolls. Rupert is not the first nor the last to diss the americans. It’s not really his fault that he is ugly as sin and to compensate for his lack of good looks has to stand on the back of an entire population. But “attractive” could that have more than one meaning …. hmmm ?

  5. I admit I know nothing of the circumstances and am therefore speaking a little off the topic, but are you people honestly saying us foreigners aren’t allowed to comment on the way so many Americans know nothing of other countries than the US? I’m not stereotyping and have no idea how many of them there are, but I’ve seen those people.
    Personally I find what he said really wrong, because “sexiness” doesn’t justify anything. If you’re stupid, you’re stupid.
    Also, “jobs he took away from American actors”? Really?

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