12 thoughts on “WINNING at Recycling

  1. That is Gene Pool and he used to live in Williamsburg back in the early 90’s. He goes everywhere in that suit and rides his unicycle on it. I love him. I miss him being around, making tons of noise commuting in the suit over the bridge on his unicycle. He also has a suit of sporks, one of corks, and in the 70’s he grew grass on his car and his suit. He created an art show in a hardware store here which is still ongoing even though he left the area years ago. I really miss him being around.

    • Imagine how pathetic you feel huffing and puffing on your bicycle on the shitty bike path as it used to be on the Williamsburg bridge and having a guy fly by wearing a giant suit of clattering cans on his unicycle. That happened to me regularly.

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