WINNING at Reading Material

I see a lot of nutty shit in my travels across the internet. I look at hundreds of pictures a day, and a fair number are similar in tone to this one. But this might be the craziest one I’ve ever seen. It’s a lot to read, but it’s worth taking the time. It just goes to show you that people who live in mobile homes have the best grasp on the geopolitical landscape. They might not know the difference between homosexuality and bisexuality, but I guess nobody’s perfect.

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49 thoughts on “WINNING at Reading Material

  1. You broke my nutjob-to-english translator. “…uncircumsized, which means he has a hard on for god (america) but he’s not showing it” doesn’t even compute.

  2. It is so sad that I have to share a state with this nutwad. I bet you that he/she/dognutsacklicker is from the eastern part of the state. I live in the blue half (western) part of Oregon. Otherwise known as the best part.

  3. How is it that no one caught this hidden gem yet?
    “Cheeta, Monkeymind, Ape, Obama, The Beast, 666, is not your president, he is your pet, but it thinks it owns you, god, and general motors.”
    Hot damn. That’s how they getcha.

  4. “THE TRUTH IS AS NASTY AS QUEER (SATAN) OBAMA,(HAS TO BE) TO KILL HIS FORNICATOR, SO IT WON’T RESURRECT AND DESTROY AMERICA, AND EVERYBODY.” Judging by this gem here, the meth lab in the back of that thing is running at full capacity.

  5. I’ve seen this trailer several times in person. If you live in Oregon you’ll most likely see it on Lancaster. I think the guy lives in there because it’s always parked outside fast food places, usually Taco Bell.

    And isn’t that the best place to get your political information? From the guy living in his tiny trailer eating 3+ meals a day from Taco Bell?

  6. I will say this, it would make an awesome drinking game. One shot for either “satan” “obama” or “queer” (or all three) and one paragraph you’d be on the floor.

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