27 thoughts on “WINNING at Getting Beaten Up Very Soon

    • I think that’s a grocery store – I believe I can make out some of those candy machines inside the window. What I CAN’T believe is that anyone, no matter how unapologetically racist, would be stupid enough to wear that in public.

      • It’s in North Carolina, so make of that what you will. Last time I mentioned something about the racial climate in America’s deep south I was treated to lots of “northern states are even more racist than southern ones” bullshit. My home state of Connecticut is not exactly a hotbed of liberal activism, but I can assure you NO ONE in CT would go out in public dressed like this.

        • My parents are from NY, I grew up in FL & lived in MS before NC. NC is south, not deep south. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_South)
          I have no stats. regarding more or less racism but northern racism sure isn’t bullshit. 1990 (or so) Bensonhurst could stack up with 1960s MS. And that anti-mosque biz was NY was well. Talk with blacks in Michigan or Boston and you’ll hear some real life northern racism. And CT, while not a “hotbed,” IS one of the more liberal states in the nation. As disgusting as that shirt is, at least you know you are dealing with an asshole. Perhaps southern racists are open and ‘honest’ douchebag pricks while the northern versions are more covert.

          • I know North Carolina isn’t the “deep” south, I was just mentioning that other post in comparison. And I lived in Boston for three years, so you don’t have to convince me that there’s racism a-plenty up there. I never meant to imply that there’s NO racism in those supposedly liberal states. That would be an extremely silly stance to take. There’s racism all over the world. The stories I’ve heard from a friend who lived in Japan would curl your toes. The shit is everywhere; some places just have it a lot worse than others.

        • I agree.I know we have racist people in Michigan, but with Lansing being one of the most ethnically diverse cities around…you’ve gotta be pretty stupid to make those opinions known.

  1. I dunno but when I went to visit family in Louisiana I was taken back by how the general population just wore their racism on their sleeves. I’ve seen way worse as far as racist kkk shirts go, but they would only wear them in what they considered to be white neighborhoods. The south has this stereotype for a reason…

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