WINNING at Instilling Good Values At An Early Age

These girls are only 2 years old and they’re already cooler
than anything Lucas has done since the eighties.

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12 thoughts on “WINNING at Instilling Good Values At An Early Age

  1. My daughter: “Star Wars sucks. It is soooooo boring, they played it at camp one day and I fell asleep”
    Me: “Go wash your mouth out with soap…wait, which movie was it?”
    Daughter: “Huh? I don’t know, there was a little boy and some stupid talking lizard named Jar Jar”
    Me: “Okay you’re forgiven”

  2. My Mom, a country girl, upon watching it for the first time ever:
    “Well, I don’t get how that monkey is supposed to be able to fly an airplane like that.”
    My Wife, who’d only recently watched the trilogy in 2008, upon hearing “Luuuke…I AM your FATHER”:
    GASP!!!! No WAY!!! Whoa!”.
    My Daughter: “No vampires? OMG…Lame“.
    WomenFolk…they ain’t like us Menfolk. In at least 2 ways.

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